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Our Story

Having to deal with downtime issues, sub­-standard customer support, security breaches, sluggish page­-loads etc, gets in the way of productivity. Like that wasn't enough, it can also cause irreparable damage to your search engine rankings. Hosting multiple websites used to be quite a hassle. Working with numerous web hosting providers and still having all bases covered was easier said than done.

And that's exactly what we changed.

Founded nearly a decade ago, SEO Host began with just one simple goal in mind, to keep things fast, simple and make hosting your websites an easy and effortless task. We understood that the only way our customers can actually benefit is by taking away the complexities and challenges of hosting multiple domains. We wanted our customers to be able to focus on growing their business and not the problems, while we handle the rest.


We started out as a close­-knit organization; slowly and steadily we grew to become one of the leading SEO Hosting companies in this industry. We wholly own and operate our infrastructure and this involves our pristine IP space with over 1,000+ Class Cs, data center facilities, server hardware, networking equipment and our offices. We have the capability of meeting every requirement no matter how big or small, since we are so well­-equipped.

With immense passion and persistence, SEO Host brought a refreshingly new and unique approach to the hosting industry. Unlike other hosting providers with terrible customer service, unreasonable prices and sluggish response times, we focused on offering better solutions, simplicity and remarkable response times. None of this could happen without the right people. We hired only the best and worked really hard to make everything right for our customers. We have grown to a point where we now have a devoted support team of over 85 insanely committed members. We serve webmasters in more than 130 countries with equal portions of passion, tenacity, efficiency and spunk. We're a team of focused, driven, fun and sometimes eccentric individuals and we simply love what we do. Every associate brings extensive knowledge and expertise to this company which is combined with relentless efforts towards perfection, undoubtedly making us the most fitting choice when it comes to SEO Hosting.

Our Philosophy

At SEO Host, it is all about being transparent and valued. We make every effort to provide superior quality service; the same principle is applied to everything that we do. Whether it's the hardware that we choose, our servers or our customer support, our goal is to be the best.


Our real asset is our team of highly skilled and service­-obsessed experts. At SEO Host, we follow a simple outlook; to provide unquestionably exceptional support to all our customers. We believe that getting the right service is a very critical aspect in helping you take an affirmed decision about a company. This is why we're committed to providing unparalleled service to our customers. We watch over our employees just as much as our clients because we know that happy associates make happy customers.

Our Services

With state-­of-­the­-art server architecture, robust hardware and super reliable network, our services are a class apart. All our SEO Hosting solutions have been carefully engineered by experts in the hosting industry to deliver optimal performance at the right price.

We offer a broad selection of ultra­-competitive plans and packages ranging from shared SEO hosting to fully dedicated SEO servers which have been specially designed for our customers to ensure flexibility and supreme quality SEO hosting.

If you have any issues, you can always refer to our proficient and extensive in­-house knowledgebase. If you still need help, you can give us a ring to talk, drop us an email or even chat with us from our website. We're available 24/7 to ensure that you get all the assistance that you need.

With SEO Host, you can never go wrong.


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