SEO Host Network

Our fully redundant network and robust hardware ensures that you get to experience lightning fast speed, unbeatable performance and outstanding deliverability.

SEO Host is the first choice for most, we're preferred over the rest of the top notch server architecture and the service­
obsessed, highly skilled and very well trained support team that makes a combination that is not only tough, but impossible to beat. For us, reliability is key.

We manage the largest pool of pristine IPs reserved strictly for SEO purposes. We have a zero­ tolerance policy towards abuse and spam and anything that would jeopardize our IPs in any way, this helps us maintain the integrity of our IPs, because we know how important it is to your rankings that our IPs have a spotless reputation.

Hardware, customer support, service level agreements (or SLAs), datacenter facilities are all very important, but more often than not a very important factor is overlooked - the network, which is what actually connects you to your end users. Our state-of-the-art network is fully meshed, with OSPF routing and is redundant thanks to multiple backbone providers, using networking equipment only from the leaders of the industry. We only use carrier grade Cisco and Juniper network equipment to allow optimal routing performance. We use a fully­-redundant 10 Gbit ethernet infrastructure across the core of our network to minimize chances of internal congestion caused due to DDOS attacks and the likes.



Unmatched reliability

The network, hardware, environment condition and power systems are monitored and tested on a regular basis to maintain the overall performance of our network. This gives our customers a network environment which is extremely stable and protected. We make sure that all your data is safe and secure, always. Our Service Level Agreements and guarantees serve as added insurance for you so you can rest assured that you are safely hosted on an extremely reliable network with an equally reliable provider.




Cutting­-Edge technology

Our love for the latest and newest technology coupled with our technical expertise makes it a necessity for us to stay up­-to-­date. We go out of our way to ensure our customers are getting nothing but the best and we love challenges. We take up every challenge to build a better and more efficient solution for our customers that best fits their technical requirements, may it be a single server or a thousand.




State-­of-the-art infrastructure

We possess a network which is redundant and entirely meshed using OSPF, along with multiple backbone providers which is strengthened by our peering network with over 100 direct peering relationships such as Facebook, Cablevision, Amazon, Cox Communications and many more. We only use carrier grade Cisco and Juniper network equipment to allow optimal routing performance and a fully­-redundant 10 Gbit ethernet infrastructure across the core of our network to reduce chances of internal congestion caused during events like Denial of Service attacks.




Our Network Carriers

We took time to choose our carriers. Our research led us to the most reliable and fastest networks available. This resulted in us selecting some of the largest carriers in the world, such as Tata Communications, NTT and Level(3). As a leader in SEO hosting for almost a decade, we allow our users to take advantage of the new features and upgrades we keep adding from time to time.


Level(3) Communications

Level(3) is among the world's largest carriers with a 22,500 mile broadband fiber optic network in over 70 US markets and 20 European markets. Having been in operation since 1998, they have focused on delivering premier services over what is known to be the most advanced, IP­-optimized networks available today. Nine out of ten of the world's largest telecom carriers use Level(3) services, along with five of the six largest U.S. Internet Service Providers, and nine out of ten of the largest European telecom carriers too.



GTT is a blend of its extensive legacy­-free IP backbone and Tinet's Tier 1 network, which comprises over 100 IP/MPLS PoPs covering the USA, Canada, Asia­-Pacific and most of Europe. Major backbones are connected via multiple 10 Gbps diversely routed circuits, deployed over a highly scalable Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM) infrastructure. GTT is ranked among the world's largest Internet carriers based on the quantity of internet traffic on GTT's IP backbone.



Inteliquent has grown to be a reputed leader in the communications industry due to their ability to innovate and assist competing carriers in interconnecting their networks. Inteliquent has an authorized tandem network, which allows cable companies, wireless carriers and ISPs to enter new ventures and develop their existing enterprise with ease, efficiency and reduced costs.


NTT Communications

NTT Communications is the long distance and international communications provider of NTT (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation) which is a leading telecommunication company in the world. Its comprehensive global framework extends to over 150 countries. Along with secure data centers in North America, Asia and Europe, NTT Communications has a Tier 1 IP backbone connected to top Internet Service Providers all over the world. NTT Corp features at 44th on Fortune's Global 500 list with operating revenues of over $100 billion.


Tata Communications

Tata Communications is a globally renowned Indian telecommunications company based in Mumbai, which owns a major international submarine cable network. They hold extensive assets internationally, which includes their strongholds in emerging markets like Asia and Africa. Tata Communications comprises one of the world's largest cable networks spanning over 140,000 miles, with connectivity to over 200 countries and 400 PoPs.



Savvis is a world class leader in cloud hosting framework and managed IT solutions. Bought by CenturyLink Technology for an estimated $2.5 Billion on Jan 21, 2014, Savvis has a network that spans over 100 cities in 47 countries, including the United States, Latin America, Canada, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and even the Pacific rim. Savvis utilizes network based routing and has an automated service model that helps reduce costs and improves customer satisfaction.


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