Subnet IP Address

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An IP address subnet or subnetwork is nothing but a logically visible subdivision of an IP address network. This practice of effectively dividing IP subnets into two or more logically visible subnetworks is called IP address subnetting.

Each subnet is recognized by the most identical and common bit-groups in their IP address. The IP address subnetting results in division of the IP networks into different subnets of 256 IP addresses, each of these subnets is also referred to as the C Class in layman terms.


The subnet class C IP found extensive use to SEO web masters after Google revealed that all interlinking websites within the same IP subnets would be penalized. It would be unsafe to host a blog network consisting of multiple blogs/websites on a single server unless each of these was hosted on IP addresses from different subnets (different subnet C Class IP).

Service providers like us cater to all those webmasters looking to safely host their website networks without the risk of getting penalized by search engines. Hosting just 1 single website on a subnet IP, and the next website on an IP from a different subnet and so on would completely eliminate the risk of getting penalized by search engines and in turn help boost your search engine rankings.


IP address subnetting helps organize the major expanse of the world's IP pool into smaller, shorter and more organized sub sections. These subnet IP addresses help a great deal when SEO webmasters want to rank their blog networks of hundreds of blog sites without putting the whole network at risk.

Without different subnet C Class IP addresses, it is an easy tell for any search engine filter that the blogs are all from a single network and hence interlinking would violate search engine optimization policies. To protect themselves from a penalty like this, webmasters turn towards hosting their sites on subnet IP addresses from different subnets.


Search engines obviously do take into account a lot more factors like website uptime, IP history, etc. and hence there are a lot of factors that eventually go into making a website rank as the first result.

When on different subnets, Search engines look at the websites as hosted just in the same datacenter but not on the same servers. Thus IP address subnetting proves to be a boon to SEO webmasters as protecting their networks comes down to a practice as simple as hosting each website on IP addresses from unique subnets.


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