Our Virtual Private Servers set a new standard for performance and reliability. With an SEO VPS you get full root access, ample resources, dedicated IPs and a free control panel to manage all your websites. Don’t worry if you’ve never operated a server before because our Virtual SEO Servers come fully managed. Virtual SEO Servers are perfect for customers with websites that experience immense growth and heavy traffic.


Our hosting solutions are carefully crafted by experienced professionals for delivering results, performance and reliability. You can take advantage of all these features and much more, the instant you sign up with us.

1000+ Class "C"s

We have the largest and most diversified IP pool in the industry.

Real 24/7 Technical Support

Reliable and trusted technicians are at your service around-the-clock.

RAID 10 Technology

We use RAID 10 Technology which ensures high performance and greater data protection.

99.99% uptime guarantee

We make sure that your websites never skip a beat.

Blazing fast load time

Your websites will load in the blink of an eye, no matter where they are accessed from.

Unrivaled Hardware Power

Our high quality server hardware and networking equipment gives you more power and better performance

Plans & Pricing

Choose from a wide range of ultra­-competitive hosting solutions carefully engineered for delivering optimal performance at the right price. We deliver and manage a host of flexible plans and packages designed especially for you.

Additional IP Pricing

1 – 99 IPs 100 – 249 IPs 250 – 499 IPs 500+ IPs

  • $3.99 $3.49 $2.99 $2.49
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You can count on us

Whether you are a businessperson or an individual who requires top­-notch functionality on a restricted budget, we provide you with a complete SEO Hosting solution. We have a truck-­load of features to offer. Check them out.

Unrestricted Root Access

Free OS Installation

Easy VPS Management

Instant Deployment

No Hidden Costs

24/7/365 Elite Tech Support

On-Demand Backups

State-of-the-art Server Architecture

Easy Upgrades

Super Reliable Network

On the House Migrations

Largest IP Pool in the Industry

5 Minute Average Response Time

No Prolonged Obligations

Redundant Data Storage

Hassle-Free Service


In this section, we have summed up the most popular questions asked by our customers before signing up. If you still have any questions, you can always get in touch with us via live chat, phone calls, email or helpdesk tickets.

What is a Virtual Private Server?

A virtual private server is a server which has been split into different parts making each part a server in its own right. A VPS functions just like a dedicated server but at an affordable price. Buying a VPS gives you unrestricted root access, dedicated IPs, ample resources and complete isolation leaving you tension free when it comes to space and performance.

Do I get a control panel with my VPS?

Absolutely! You get a fully managed SEO VPS with the industry leading cPanel control panel, free of cost!

Can I add more IPs to my account? After I purchase a VPS, can I upgrade to a better package later?

Yes, you can easily add more IPs to your VPS at any time by upgrading your account. When you upgrade your account, you will be charged the pro-rated difference in price between the two packages. Upgrades are possible at any time during the month.

What virtualization software do you use?


Hey! Maybe you need more than a VPS?

Experience high performance like never before with our dedicated SEO servers. You can literally gain complete control of all your server's resources including bandwidth, disk space and RAM.