Why C Class IP is of Prominent Value to SEOs


In order to understand why C Class IP hosting is of a prominent value to SEO practice, one has to know a few other things as well. In the practice of search engine optimization or SEO the traditional strategy of link building is of utmost importance, which gives the website in question a good ranking in the search engine ranking pages. Getting a good link back from a much admired site is considered to be trustworthy by the search engine bots. Getting a site ranked instantly without a lot of work can be done by collecting high quality back links to the website.c class ip

Now there are few ways to do it, one could be spamming your way around the various forums and websites, which won’t let you arrange them properly. Maintenance of the Link Popularity is not an easy task for a webmaster as it takes additional time. Hence, building a network of multiple websites and placing links on these websites to direct the traffic to the main site is the most practiced method by all the webmasters.

However, this “old school” trick was being abused at an immense scale by the webmasters and internet marketers, while any who had the blog farms as well as a large network of websites that were loaded with backlinks to their main site. The upgraded and powerful filters of search engines found this anomaly of link spamming and initiated devaluing these kinds of links. This action of the search engines made the webmasters boycott the spamming practice and get on to some of the very simple yet advanced elements of SEO.

The New School SEO trick is adopted by many who are in need to bypass all the filters of search engines, go for multiple c class IP hosting services. With different websites over multiple IP hosting it is not easy to establish the connection between a large bunch of websites as they are not hosted over the same C Class IP address. Now all the various websites are hosted on different Class C IP addresses, it is no more possible for the search engine bots to establish any connection of ownership among all these websites. All they can do is read the links that connect each other towards the main site.

When all this is done in combination with different rDNS and NS would always keep the website’s ranking up in the search engine result pages.