Subnet Mask

Subnet masks have a lot of advantages for network administrators as well as users, like optimizing the network performance, reducing network traffic and making the management process more efficient.

The world's IP addresses are divided into smaller, logical subdivisions individually called subnets. This practice of dividing IP addresses into separate subnets is called subnetting. An IP address subnet mask is a 32 bit number that does nothing but basically masks the IP address.


An individual subnet of /24 or 256 IP addresses is called a class C block. Class C subnet masks are made by setting all the host bits to "0" and all network bits to "1". Inside any particular Class C network subnet mask, two host IP address subnet masks are reserved for this very special requirement. The 0 IP address subnet mask is assigned to a class c network subnet mask while the 255 is assigned to a Class C subnet mask broadcast IP address subnet mask.

The practice of subnetting is followed so as to make it possible to divide a large IP network into many smaller bits, hence helping organize the entire IP address subnet mask while also greatly proving advantageous to security.


All nodes on a subnet see the packets being transmitted to any other node in the Class C network subnet mask. The performance of a network may undergo major load due to collisions and retransmissions during peak traffic hours.

The Class C subnet mask is an extremely useful tool for web hosts since it helps logically divide an unmanageable massive pool of hundreds of thousands of IP addresses into smaller more organized IP address subnet mask bits which make everything so much easier.

In terms of SEO value, the Class C subnet mask has recently gotten very popular with the penguin update which went hard on those good old blog farms and website networks that webmasters had been peacefully hosting for years.


The IP address subnet mask almost draws no attention to itself in the actual functioning of the SEO campaign, but it still is a very useful catalyst. It is a major point that many webmasters overlook while promoting their websites using sophisticated SEO techniques. The IP address subnet mask of a website that it is hosted on is clearly visible to the search engines and if the class C network subnet mask of all the websites in the web network is similar, in the sense that, if the IP address subnet mask all websites are hosted on come from the same Class C subnet mask, it is a big foot print that all these interlinking websites are hosted on the same server and probably owned by the same owner. However, to escape this, what most webmasters are turning to these days is class C subnet masks. IP address subnet masks from entirely different Class C network subnet masks is a great way to escape this penalty. IP address subnet masks and Class C subnet mask and Class C network subnet mask, all hold their importance in their own way.


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